Inspired by the life of Late Mr. Patrick Xavier, a man of great vision and hard work who encouraged his younger generation quoting "Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving".

There is uttermost strong determination, passion and hard work which impelled our   Owner, Mr. George Xavier  for the inception and lead to PAX Shipping. Mr. George with his Mastery in Shipping and Port Management, expertise in international shipping and management skills drives our company to resplendent distinction.

Commenting on The Beginning, Mr. Xavier says, "Our programme of launching and establishing at Kollam Port and subsequently into new markets, combined with exceptional operational efficiencies, drives us to incomparable levels of sustained growth and stability in the shipping industry."

We have emerged this year with an aim of introducing exceptional strategies to explore contemporary markets and increase our network and operational coverage thereby making our shipping services accessible to our valuable clients across India and MENA region".

Late Mr. Patrick Xavier (1932 - 1985)